Technology is a constant growing venture making the human life simpler and advanced. Everything out there in this world is constantly advancing around the technology. From the day man landed on moon to this day when human race is targeting to reach the sun, technology have drastically changed. Today we develop systems that have the capability to act as human brain and make intellectual decisions and solutions.

The global market is switching to emerging technologies like AI and IoT where everything around you will be connected through internet and can be accessed remotely. In every domain, technology is embossing its footprint making every domain to evolve around it. The first robot-citizen Sophia, to doctors conducting surgery with help of automated systems, and farmers using smart machines for harvesting indicates the changes forthcoming in every domain.

With these occurrences in the world, Samana initiated to play its part by diving into venture that is centred on creating intuitive technology solutions impacting human life.


Symptots deals with the cutting-edge technologies that pairs humans and machines to bring real-world, scalable and reliable solutions. At this intersection of technology and humanity, we empower people to work smarter with maximize the potential to serve the world.

We exhibit our excellence in the field of AI, IoT, Web/ Cloud applications, Data Analytics, We development, Digital Marketing, ERPs and Mobile App development. We work on resolving your day to day concerns with technology assistance in a full-proof manner to increase the security and production efficiency. We believe in "Infinity Within Sight".