Divine Responsibilities; Humanatarian Duties

Samana Global Business Solutions believes that humanitarian service is a divine responsibility of mankind. Since its inception, Samana has been upholding its values by serving humanity through various means and measures. With an empathetic mind that collectively aims for the progress of all, especially for those that need it the most, Samana works with various organisations to ensure that they fulfil their duty for the upliftment of society.

Santhvanam Charitable Trust

Our central goal is to give a most elevated quality individual care experience, which exceeds every residents' expectations making them have a sense of security, secure and thought about. Santhvanam Charitable Trust is infinite number of volunteers who have worked hard as rescuers when Kerala was hit with heavy floods. Rescuers evacuated people from flooded areas to safer places. Volunteers served the effected citizens at refuge camps with all kind of facilities. Volunteers were in the frontier during the rehabilitation process. Samana wholeheartedly support Santhvanam Charitable Trust which we consider as a part of our CSR activities.

Madin Academy

Ma'din Academy has more than 25 educational and other institutions under it's sponsorship. Ma'din Academy, with a long 21 years' time since it's initiation, has now developed enough to help and support various areas of humankind.

Ma'din Academy (enlisted as Ma'dinuSsaquafathilIslamiyya) was established in the year 1997 under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, has now changed itself into a mass development of smart learning.

Individuals from varying backgrounds and all pieces of the world have been visiting us to acquire knowledge through the course of value-base education. Our different colleges and extension activities plays crucial job, adding to a dynamic culture and anprogressive society.

Ma'dinbelieves in protecting orphans, uplifting the poor and needyrehabilitating the Deaf, the Blind and the Mentally Challenged and bringing them once again into the mainstream. Ma'din offers them nourishment, safe house, training and different offices free of expense. Financial assistance is extended to orphan girls to enable them to marry.

Karunya Society

Samana wholeheartedly support Karunya Society which we consider as a part of our CSR activities.