Dimora Hospitality Services upholds the true essence of hospitality with our esteemed ventures by undertaking both management contracts and technical & project developments.

Dimora Hospitality Services is expected to expand its presence to Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jeddah, Dubai and Muscat in the immediate future.

Management Contract

Dimora's hospitality management operations provide personalized hospitality management services, using effective strategies while bringing in operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience tailored to individual hotels.

Our global team of hotel management experts specializes in:

Operations Management

Our management team implements quality standards of operations and procedures aimed at achieving high guest satisfaction levels with excellent operational efficiency.

Finance & Asset Management

By taking an entrepreneurial approach, we specialize in maximizing the return on investment by implementing productivity management tools and executing effective centralized programs including accounting, payroll, data processing, purchasing, technology, HR management, legal and quality controls.

Sales & Marketing

We help maximize the hotel's revenues by developing programs to increase occupancy and making profitable use of its accommodation, meeting and leisure facilities. Our team contains experts in Digital Marketing and Online Distribution who maintain an awareness of the factors that influence the hotel industry.

Revenue Management & Yield Strategies

Taking an innovative approach towards optimizing business segmentation, targeting business with higher rates, developing an e-commerce presence, and using OTA optimization to fill room nights with highest possible capture rate our experts in hotel revenue management and pricing will work on growing the hotel's Revenue & Profitability.

Guest Experience

Consistent and Regular trainings to our team to provide world class service and Implementing the latest in technology to automate and streamline the entire guest experience from start to finish, Dimora Hospitality Services takes ownership of every single stage of the customer journey thus creating seamless guest experience at our hotels.

Brand Standards Management

Developing a great relationship with the target market, Dimora Hospitality Services trains its team effectively on Values and Mission of business and to test the consistency of service delivery at all our brands we offer a mystery shopper to measure the customer experience right from check-in to check out and post stay engagement while staying true to our brand guidelines.

Concept Development

Our experts support a hotel project from the earliest stages of design to enable it stand out by becoming unique lifestyle destinations that connect with the guests at an emotional level.

Preopening Planning

Preparation for the hotel opening including hotel positioning, staff recruitment and alignment of operational standards that are necessary for the hotel to function by following Critical timelines and paths that are controlled and managed in detail.

Technical & Project Development

Experts in managing the construction and having built properties in all segments including hotels, commercial, business parks, malls, residential industry and bring in-depth knowledge of local markets to the table.

Right from laying foundation to the opening ceremony, Dimora will help you pave the way for your project with its development through our technical expertise, planning and execution.

Our expertise includes:

Project Development 

Extensive experience in developing hotelsfrom inception to operation, by identifying the right location, through proper market research, followed by land and ownership investigations, planning, licensing, involving expert architects, designers, project managers, cost and other consultants.  

Capital Planning and Project Management 

A hotel development needs a lot of working capital. Creating short-term and long-term capital plans will help understand the viability of the project. We also assist in contingency and risk management plans, developing project timelines and improving operating practices through project teams.  

Construction Management 

We provide cutting-edge services for development of new hotels or even for renovations of properties which will include Design management, Construction services, Branding, Architect and Contractor selection and more to ensure maximum return-on-investment. 

Detailed Cost Estimation and Budget Control 

We identify the cost estimates such as the base cost, contingency and management reserve, to provide the client a budget which can be used in project financing and expenditure. 

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